1. User’s Manual for the Irdroid Application

The Irdroid Application in combination with the Irdroid module can be used to control your home infrared equipment. The application will be available for download from our website as well as from the Android Market, Appslib and the AndroidPit. We have designed the application following the (KISS) principle in order to provide maximum comfort for the user. The Irdroid application needs the following android permissions:

  • INTERNET (needed to download / update the IR codes database)
  • WRITE TO Sdcard (needed to store the IR codes  locally)
  • Vibrate (for heptic feedback for devices which support this feature)

When started for a first time the user will be informed that the APP needs an external IR module in order to work . Without module practically the App is useless. On the picture below you can check how the Irdroid User Interface looks like. There are 6 buttons, which are used for increasing / decreasing the volume of the target IR device, for changing the channel, for switching it on / off and mute. There are two spin-devices, from the first one the user can select the device to be controlled. After that the relevant commands from the selected device are automatically assigned to the 6 buttons from the User Interface. If the User needs to use other buttons from the selected remote then the second spin device from the User Interface can be used, afterwords the Menu -> Send shall be used to send the desired IR command to the target device.

Irdroid, Running on Android devicce

Irdroid running on Android device

After pushing the menu button of the android device the Irdroid menu appears. The following options are available:

  • The option “Parse file” can be used to select a custom LIRC configuration file
  • The option “Clear conf” clears the currently loaded LIRC configuration file.
  • “Update DB” can be used for the default IR codes database update.
  • The “Send” menu option is used to send a custom Ir command.
  • “About” gives some information about the app, that it shall be used with a Irdroid module

Irdroid app running on emulator

Irdroid info after first start


Selecting a device to be controlled

Before using the Irdroid modules with the Irdroid app, please make sure

  • You have inserted the battery properly in the Irdroid module socket
  • The jumper next to the battery is closed (shorted)

On a different phones/tablets the media volume levels are different, so if Irdroid is not working, or the range is significantly reduced, you can reduce / increase the media volume so that it can match Irdroid input levels.

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