USB irDA adapter for Medical Applications

The Irdroid USB irDA adapter is a irDA SIR certified irDA adapter with configurable baud rates from 9600 to 115200bps. The adapter is compatible with, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10, suitable for Medical applications (communications for Heart Rate monitors, Blood pressure monitors and more. ) . The device is manufactured in the European Union and comes with a Declaration of Comformity. It is available for purchase from Europe / Bulgaria via website

Irdroid- HTPC – Control your Kodi Media Center from your TV Remote

The Irdroid-HTPC Universal USB Infrared Remote Control Receiver for Kodi / HTPC media centers

The Irdroid-HTPC Universal USB Infrared Remote Control Receiver for Kodi / HTPC media centers


Recently I have installed the Kodi media center on an old thin client HP t620 computer. All was working very well except that I needed to use my TV remote with the the newly installed Kodi Media center and be able to control both the TV set and the media center from the same remote control.

I have tried using an HDMI CEC adapter, but with no success as HDMI CEC isnt’ properly supported in all manufacturers in my case I was experiencing significant issues with HDMI CEC remote control on Samsung with Anynet+ , so I have decided to check the possibilities with infrared remote control and decided to design one of my own – the Irdroid-HTPC USB Infrared Remote Control Receiver, that can be used to pair your existing TV remote , or any other TV Remote in order to control both your TV and Kodi media center at the same time.

The unit is equipped with long enought USB cable, directly attached to it and in my case it eased my installation. The unit has also Velcro dots with stiker-like pads which allow for easy fixing to any surface.

The Irdroid-HTPC enumerates via USB as a standard USB Keyboard, and pairing my TV Remote control with it was easy, by simply clicking the pair / program button and assigning my remote keys one after the other. I have also tested the Irdroid-HTPC on my Macbook PRO and on another laptop with MS Windows, both worked properly.


Below is a screenshot showing “dmesg” and device enumeration after insertion:



As you can see it does enumerate as a Standard HID device. The cool thing about this unit is that you don’t even need any software to pair your existing remote control with the receiver. It has a programming button on it which allows you to record the keys that you need from your remote control and map them automatically to specified keystrokes. They have the following keystrokes in firmware by default:

  • Up
  • Down
  • Left
  • Right
  • Enter
  • Back
  • Prev (*Shortcut to Favourites in Kodi)
  • Next (*Shortcut to Weather in Kodi)
  • Play/Pause

* The shortcuts can be assigned using the Kodi addon, designed for the Irdroid-HTPC

Kodi addon for applying shortcut mappings

Kodi addon for applying shortcut mappings

The unit stored my remote control buttons in its non-volatile eeprom memory and the procedure is carried just once, then it is ready for use. The infrared receiver is very sensitive ( with ir lens ) that provide great operation range and angle e.g you dont need to point the remote control toward the unit in order to be able to control your HTPC which is absolutely great!

In Kodi I have programmed the following keys from my remote control: up, down, left, right, enter, back, prev, next, play/pause. This was enought to take full control of kodi using my TV remote, and at the same time be able to control my tv with its remote control.

In addition to the above the Irdroid-HTPC is both open source software and open source hardware with their documentation and code published in GitHub. It will allow you to completely change the software / firmware of the unit by simply opening its Arduino Sketch in the Arduino IDE, changing the code as per your needs and reflashing it via USB (It is shipped with a version of the micronucleous bootloader, that is compatible with the Arduino IDE).

Another cool thing about this unit is that it is open hardware and the schematics and design files are available in Irdroid’s GitHub repository .

Supported Operating Systems

  • GNU Linux
  • Mac OS X
  • MS Windows
  • Android


The Irdroid-HTPC Universal USB Infrared Remote Control Receiver for Kodi / HTPC media centers

The Irdroid-HTPC Universal USB Infrared Remote Control Receiver for Kodi / HTPC media centers


Irdroid HTPC USB Infrared Remote Control Receiver, assembled and tested

In Stock: $26


Wireless Multi Zone Infrared Extender Solution

In this Blog post I will discuss some possible usage scenarios for Wireless Multi Zone Infrared Extender solutions. When a Multi Zone Infrared Extender is needed?

Example Usage:

  • Extending and splitting the Infrared signal in big premises
  • Big exhibition halls
  • Big Shops / Malls
  • Apartments
  • Stadiums

The Multi Zone Infrared Extenders are used to extend and split/multiply the infrared signal, thus allowing remote control of Displays/STBs/TVs from a centralized location. The usual setup consist of at least one Transmitter unit and two Receiver units. The transmitter captures the Infrared signal, emitted from the remote control, converts it to wireless signal which travels down to the receiver/s . The Receiver/s convert the wireless signal to infrared signal which is emitted to the target equipment, such as Air Conditioners, TVs, STBs, Monitors.

Below are some sketches of Exhibition Hall Multi Zone Infrared Extender solution and Apartment Multi Zone Infrared Extender solution

Exhibition Hall Multi Zone Infrared Extender Solution Example


exhibition hall multi zone infrared extender solution

exhibition hall multi zone infrared extender solution


Apartment Multi Zone Infrared Extender Solution


apartment multi zone infrared extender solution

apartment multi zone infrared extender solution




Multi-Room Infrared Extender Solution

Interesting Blog post About Multi-Room Infrared Extender solution – >

Extending Infrared Range with Irdroid

Below you will find a link to a Blog post in our EU website for how to extend Infrared Range, in cases where your STB , Audio or any other IR controlled Equipment is inside cabinets, cupboards or behind walls.


Irdroid irDA NEW Product range





















We have developed four NEW irDA SIR modules that cover irDA SIR Specification 1.3 and it allows communication with irDA compliant devices with baud rates from 9600 – 115200 .

Four new modules were developed:

You can read more in this BLOG post or you can purchase samples from HERE.


New Firmware for the Irdroid USB Infrared Transceiver v2.5

Today (12.06.2018) we have released a NEW firmware version 2.5 for the Irdroid USB Infrared Transceiver module. The new firmware introduces two new modes – separate transmit mode and separate receive mode. The Idea is that the sampling mode was sometimes causing problems on Android (USB Stalls/ USB Replug needed in some cases) and therefore we had to think about a solution backward compatible with the software for the other Operating Systems and at the same time stable on Android (the sampling mode remains unchanged/ the one initiated with the text command ‘S’ ).

To enter transmit mode the Irdroid USB App issues the text command “n” over serial and the module enters transmit mode. To enter receive mode the command used is ‘m’ and the module enters in receive mode. The other mode – sampling mode remains unchanged , initiated by the ‘S’ text command.


Playing with Arduino Irdroid and Car Halo light led controller

The Car Halo LED Light controller is controlled using a cheap remote control using a EV1527 Encoder chip, which is compatible with the Arduino / Raspberry Pi  rc-switch library. I has able to clone the remote control buttons using a cheap RF radio transmitter and receiver AM modules, working at 433MHz. Then I was able to control the Car Halo Light led controller , using the Irdroid IoT SmartHub.

NEW Product in Stock- Infrared (IR) Proto Shield for Arduino

The latest gadget in our online store is the Infrared (IR) Proto Shield for Arduino. It can be used to prototype and experiment with Infrared on Arduino. The board comes with a High Power IR LED, High Quality IR Receiver IC , SMD and BreadBoard prototyping area.

You can read more about the product Here:


Manually parsing a Lircd.conf file in the Irdroid App.

In some cases, the automatic “update db” option will download automatically the default licd.conf file that ships with the Irdroid v.0.4 app, but it will not parse it in the UI. In this case you can use a “File Manager” application like this one to locate the downloaded database file. It should be downloaded and stored in your internal SD Card under the /sdcard/tmp/ folder. Locate the file named “t.conf” and copy it to your external SDcard under /tmp folder (create /tmp folder if it doesn’t exist) . Using the file manager tap on additional info when the t.conf file is selected and write down the full file path shown in the “additional info” (you will need it later in the Irdroid v.0.4 app) . Start the Irdroid app and select “Parse File” and enter the exact path to the “t.conf” file. Once done, the default remote brands will show up in the list of devices.