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Playing with Arduino Irdroid and Car Halo light led controller

The Car Halo LED Light controller is controlled using a cheap remote control using a EV1527 Encoder chip, which is compatible with the Arduino / Raspberry Pi  rc-switch library. I has able to clone the remote control buttons using a cheap RF radio transmitter and receiver AM modules, working at 433MHz. Then I was able to control the Car Halo Light led controller , using the Irdroid IoT SmartHub.

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NEW Product in Stock- Infrared (IR) Proto Shield for Arduino

The latest gadget in our online store is the Infrared (IR) Proto Shield for Arduino. It can be used to prototype and experiment with Infrared on Arduino. The board comes with a High Power IR LED, High Quality IR Receiver IC , SMD and BreadBoard prototyping area.

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Manually parsing a Lircd.conf file in the Irdroid App.

In some cases, the automatic “update db” option will download automatically the default licd.conf file that ships with the Irdroid v.0.4 app, but it will not parse it in the UI. In this case you can use a “File Manager” application like this one to locate the downloaded database file. It should be downloaded and stored in your internal SD Card under the /sdcard/tmp/ folder. Locate the file named “t.conf” and copy it to your external SDcard under /tmp folder (create /tmp folder if it doesn’t exist) . Using the file manager tap on additional info when the t.conf file is selected and write down the full file path shown in the “additional info” (you will need it later in the Irdroid v.0.4 app) . Start the Irdroid app and select “Parse File” and enter the exact path to the “t.conf” file. Once done, the default remote brands will show up in the list of devices.