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Irdroino Infrared (IR) Shield for Arduino

In this Blog post I am just re-blogging / sharing our Blog post from our EU website about Irdroino Infrared Shield for Arduino.
You can read the whole Blog post and watch a demo vide by following the link below:

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Our Story


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Irdroid started as a Hobby Project, founded by Georgi Bakalski back in 2011. Today the Hobby project transformed into a Innovative and Successful Company (Hardware Group Ltd.). We believe in the open source initiative and we started the project as a open source hardware and open source software. During the years we have developed, devices and software for GNU Linux, MS Windows, Mac OS X, Arduino and more. We believe that learning by sharing is a key for the progress. Today Irdroid is a registered trademark of Hardware Group Ltd Bulgaria and it provides open source hardware and open source software devices and software development services for Google Android, GNU Linux , Windows and Mac OS X . Our Devices and services help hundreds of individuals and StartUp Companies around the world to bootstrap their new products and ideas.

We would like to thank all our Customers during the years, they are the one’s that kept the project up and provided precious feedback for improving it.

Thank you!

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New Product in stock – USB Infrared Adapter for Android

The latest arrival in our online store – is the USB OTG Infrared Adapter for Android. It allows you to control all your home appliances, that are controlled via Infrared Remotes. It has a Infrared Transmitter and infrared receiver and it has infrared “learning” functionality. The unit is compatible with ZaZa Remote App.

You can read more about the product by following the link below:



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WiFi to Infrared module introduction


The WiFi to Infrared (IR) converter module will allow you to remotely control your home appliances ( Air Conditioners, TVs , Audio, STBs, DIY devices and many more ), using you smartphone via the free application for Android and iOS. The module comes with a microUSB power supply cable and a user manual for downloading and configuring the application for Android and iOS. The unit is truly universal as you can choose thousands of devices remote control codes and in addition if your target device is not in the database, you can “record” your remote control as the wifi to infrared module has a infrared “learning” function, so that you seamlessly add your device in case it is not in the database of supported devices.

The video below shows unboxing of the WiFi to Inrared module


The Wifi to Infrared module has build in functions for automatically recognizing the target device / infrared  remote control . If you have the original device remote control you can add it by simply scanning the original remote control infrared commands. These scanning  / learning functions are build in in the free applications for Android and iOS that comes with the WiFi to Infrared module.

The video below demonstrates how the remote control “learning” procedure works. It shows you how to add an Air Conditioner remote control in the App.


You can purchase WiFi to Infrared module from the link below: