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New Product in stock – USB Infrared Adapter for Android

The latest arrival in our online store – is the USB OTG Infrared Adapter for Android. It allows you to control all your home appliances, that are controlled via Infrared Remotes. It has a Infrared Transmitter and infrared receiver and it has infrared “learning” functionality. The unit is compatible with ZaZa Remote App.

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Irdroid WIFI Developer’s API

Irdroid WIFI

Irdroid WIFI

If you are Developer, and you are interested in integrating Irdroid WIFI with your application, you can find the Details below for the API of Irdroid WIFI/ LIRC:

The Irdroid WIFI module has a LIRC daemon listening fo incoming connections on TCP port 8765 , when a connection is established, the following statements / commands are available:

Available Commands:

  • LIST  – list all configured remote names
  • LISTREMOTE  list all codes of REMOTE
  • SEND_ONCE – send CODE [CODE …] once
  • SEND_START – start repeating CODE
  • SEND_STOP – stop repeating CODE

Basically in order to communicate with the LIRCD daemon that runs on Irdroid WIFI you need to establish a TCP/IP socket connection to host:

  • host:
  • port: 8765

After the connection is established you may start sending the above mentioned commands for querying the server and or for Start /Stop sending remote codes.

Below is an example in JAVA called LIRC Client which will save you a lot of time and you can simply add it in you Android APP and start communicating with Irdroid WIFI straight forward.

lircclient – JAVA Lirc client library for communicating with Irdroid wifi / LIRC



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Irdroid™ universal remote control for Android

Irdroid is a universal infrared remote control for smartphones, tablets and other devices, working with the Google Android operating system.  To control your favourite TV, STB or DVD, you need to download the Irdroid APP for Android and to purchase a Irdroid module.. The Irdroid application is available for download from the Android Market and from Appslib (for android tablets) The biggest benefit of Irdroid is that it is compatible with the LIRC project in which database, there are a lot of supported equipment vendor’s some of the famous are Samsung, Sony, Motorola, LG, Panasonic, Philips and many, many more (see here – > benefit for the Public is that the Irdroid application is free, open source and the source code can be downloaded from


  • Free and open source application and open hardware module
  • Available from Android Market,AppsLib
  • Low cost Irdroid infrared module
  • Plug and play design
  • Extended remote control range – 10+ meters
  • Small Dimensions 17×43,2 mm
  • Design based on the principle KISS (Keep it simple stupid!)

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