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Custom Designed Infrared Remote control Apps for Android™

If you need an custom designed infrared remote control App for Android, we offer an inexpensive infrared remote control App Development service. You can order a custom designed application for your infrared remote control appliances right away at very competitive cost.

What’s Included?

  •  Design of the App user interface
  •  Digitizing your product infrared remote control
  •  Programming your Infrared Remote control App.
  •  Testing and Delivery of APK files
  •  Publishing in Google Play (*on request)

How it Works?

Once you make an order for your custom design application, we will send you a customer questionnaire that you have to fill. The customer questionnaire includes some standard inputs that we need to have in order to develop your application. For more information you may also visit :

We will also request:

  • The Product / Appliance infrared remote control and / or the infrared codes.
  • The App Name that you choose.
  • Logo for the Application.

Any Samples? How will it look like?

We have the possibility to practically digitize your physical remote control, and therefore the App user interface will look like the physical IR remote control.
The video below demonstrates an app, developed by us for controlling a TESY MC2014 home panel heater unit. The App was developed using the same technique we have described above.



How long will it take?

After the order is placed, we have 30 days to develop the App for you . We start counting the days after the day we receive the physical infrared remote control from the customer or when we receive the infrared remote control codes.

How much does it costs?

The cost for the above service is fixed to $800. To make an order you have to pay 50% of the above price in advance and the remaining amaunt when we deliver the APK files to you.

Order Now

Price : $400

The above proposal is valid for developing an Infrared Remote Control Application for Smartphones with Android that have a built in Infrared Transmitter / Blaster. Most of the high-end Android Smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, HTC One M8, HTC One M9 etc support this feature. We also provide the above service for Smartphones that lacks infrared transmitter / blaster. In this case a module like the Irdroid WiFi to Infrared adapter or the Irdroid Bluetooth has to be used in order to provide ability for Infrared transmission.