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Irdroid v2 tests with Samsung Galaxy Note II

In this article we will share the user experiance for  the Irdroid v.0.4,  Androlirc 0.3 infrared remote control applications and the Irdroid v2.0 (bluetooth version). We have performed  tests with the Irdroid v2.0 module connected to Samsung Galaxy Note 2 . The software that we have installed on the Samsung Galaxy Note II , was Irdroid v.0.4 from Google Play and Androlirc v.0.3 again from Google Play. The tests were performed with a Samsung LCD TV and a Bulsatcom sattellite STB receiver. The apps were loaded with the standard lircd.conf file that comes with Irdroid v.0.4 which includes a number of  supported TV / STB brands including Samsung TVs and Bulsatcom STB. First we have paired and connected the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the Irdroid v2.0 Bluetooth, the process is quite straight forward, no pairing keys were needed .


•    Samsung Galaxy Note II (ot any Android Device with v1.6 or later)
•    Irdroid v.0.4
•    Androlirc v.0.3
•    Irdroid v2.0 (bluetooth version module)

Target Devices to be controlled:

•    Samsung LCD series 5
•    Bulsatcom STB

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