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Irdroid Eye Control

Irdroid Eye Control

Irdroid Eye Control

The Irdroid Eye Control application allows the user to control Infrared controlled appliances such as TVs, STBs and Music Appliances by using the Eye Control technology (*requires pre-installed Eye Control Hardware and Software) or via voice control commands in Windows. The application implements a Lirc/WinLirc client, optimized for the Eye Control. Irdroid Eye Control is free and open source software application. Sources and Binaries can be downloaded from

Application features:

  • Support for all major TV, STB, Video Manufacturers
  • Works with WinLirc and Lirc
  • Compatible with Irdroid USB Infrared transceiver.
  • Java Application
  • Compatible with Windows voice control


  • PC with Java installed.
  • Working WinLirc/Lirc
  • Pre-installed Eye Control Hardware and Software.

Example Application:

  • Allow people with disabilities to control TVs, STBs and more only by focusing their eyes at the Irdroid Accessibility remote control buttons by using their Eye Control Software and Hardware.
  • Allow people with disabilities to control TVs, STBs and more using their voice in Windows.

Add IR Eye Control for you Desktop / Laptop computer

Get Module Kit:

  • Infrared Eye Control Kit that includes the USB Infrared Transceiver, extension cable and Manual can be purchased from


Want to contribute and help further developing Irdroid Accessibility? Pull requests are welcome via the project GitHub repository.