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Irdroid v2.0 – universal remote for Android

Irdroid v2.0 is advanced version of the Irdroid remote control hardware. The unit is standalone, powered by 12V DC adapter and it has a bluetooth communication module. The unitfeatures a infra-red remote control for android and a Bluetooth Music receiver in one. The module can be used simultaneously to control home TV/AV equpment and to turn any speaker into a wireless bluetooth speakers.

How it works?

The user connects with his Android device to the Irdroid v2.0 module and after a
Bluetooth A2DP (Audio) connection is established all the Audio that comes from the
Android device is fed into the Irdroid v2.0 unit. If you connect a stereo speakers,
or headphones in the audio jack of the unit , you will be able to listen the
audio output from your Android device. To use the module as a remote control for

your IR equipment you have to make sure that a bluetooth audio connection is established
and then you need to start one of the supported Ir remote control Apps (Irdroid,
Androilirc, Coversal).

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Controlling LED lighting with Irdroid

Recently we had the chance to play with some IR controlled Chinese RGB LED stripes and RGB LED bulbs  and  we have decided to make a simple application for android which controls LED lighting.

The app currently have two tabs one for switch on/ off the lights and one for changing the color of the led lights. Below you can watch a video demonstration of the app controlling a RGB led stripe. Currently the application supports Irdroid v1.0 modules and Irdroid v.2.0 (bluetooth).


From the first tab you are able to switch on or off the RGB LED stripe and to dim the lights. The second TAB gives you the option to change the RGB Stripe color. There is a settings menu from which you could choose weather to vibrate on keypress, use the accelerometer trigger feature and use a fixed screen portrait orientation.