Irdroid v2.0 – universal remote for Android

Irdroid v2.0 is advanced version of the Irdroid remote control hardware. The unit is standalone, powered by 12V DC adapter and it has a bluetooth communication module. The unitfeatures a infra-red remote control for android and a Bluetooth Music receiver in one. The module can be used simultaneously to control home TV/AV equpment and to turn any speaker into a wireless bluetooth speakers.

How it works?

The user connects with his Android device to the Irdroid v2.0 module and after a
Bluetooth A2DP (Audio) connection is established all the Audio that comes from the
Android device is fed into the Irdroid v2.0 unit. If you connect a stereo speakers,
or headphones in the audio jack of the unit , you will be able to listen the
audio output from your Android device. To use the module as a remote control for

your IR equipment you have to make sure that a bluetooth audio connection is established
and then you need to start one of the supported Ir remote control Apps (Irdroid,
Androilirc, Coversal).

The technical bit :

The Bluetooth Irdroid module is based on a small Bluetooth SMD module which integrates ARM7 core CPU including wireless IEEE 802.11.1 radio transceiver and audio digital-to-analog converters (DACs). The output of each DAC is balanced and that eliminates some noise interferences on low power signals, also reduce the interferences from the wireless transmitter.

The Analogue hardware part of the device consists of low-pass filters for each audio channel, differential amplifiers and power push-pull amplifiers (drivers) for the infrared LEDs. The differential amplifier acts as balanced to unbalanced audio converter. It integrates the low frequency filtering components. The output of this stage drives the audio jack (line-out signal). The output jack can be connected to external audio amplifier (line-in input).

As the Irdroid application is stared, it produces opposite signals on each audio channel. These signals are directly available on audio jack, also on the inputs of the IR led drivers. Both IR led drivers acts as a bridge amplifier, which work only on differential signals and suppress common-mode signals. That way the bridge amplifier drives correctly IR leds with Irdroid application and reduce led power when the device is used for audio signals (music players, etc.)



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