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Irdroid v2.0 – universal remote for Android

Irdroid v2.0 is advanced version of the Irdroid remote control hardware. The unit is standalone, powered by 12V DC adapter and it has a bluetooth communication module. The unitfeatures a infra-red remote control for android and a Bluetooth Music receiver in one. The module can be used simultaneously to control home TV/AV equpment and to turn any speaker into a wireless bluetooth speakers.

How it works?

The user connects with his Android device to the Irdroid v2.0 module and after a
Bluetooth A2DP (Audio) connection is established all the Audio that comes from the
Android device is fed into the Irdroid v2.0 unit. If you connect a stereo speakers,
or headphones in the audio jack of the unit , you will be able to listen the
audio output from your Android device. To use the module as a remote control for

your IR equipment you have to make sure that a bluetooth audio connection is established
and then you need to start one of the supported Ir remote control Apps (Irdroid,
Androilirc, Coversal).

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