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The current version of the Irdroid module is 1.0 and it uses a standard 4LR44  battery which assures enough power and respectively great operating range. Now Irdroid hardware is also open source, you can download the schematics and pcb files and make a DIY module! Be aware that to make a module you need SMD Soldering skills.

Irdroid v1.0 features:

Works instantly :

The user only  needs to install the application and plug in the module.

Module Specs:

LED Wavelength: 940nm
Audio jack type 3.5mm Stereo

What is included in the BETA package:

Irdroid v1.0 module 1 pcs


Irdroid v1.0

Irdroid v1.0


Irdroid v1.0 module, assembled and tested

In Stock : $36  $15

 or Pay with Bitcoin

Pay With Bitcoin

You could also purchase a DIY KIT form the Irdroid’s DIY Store. The product will be dispatched to you via a secure Registered Airmail service. The shipping cost is 6€ and it will be added on the next step. After we send the package we will notify you with the package details and a tracking number for your order. You need to use a 4LR44 battery for Irdroid v1.0 modules. Please observe the polarity.

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