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Irdroid WIFI Developer’s API

Irdroid WIFI

Irdroid WIFI

If you are Developer, and you are interested in integrating Irdroid WIFI with your application, you can find the Details below for the API of Irdroid WIFI/ LIRC:

The Irdroid WIFI module has a LIRC daemon listening fo incoming connections on TCP port 8765 , when a connection is established, the following statements / commands are available:

Available Commands:

  • LIST  – list all configured remote names
  • LISTREMOTE  list all codes of REMOTE
  • SEND_ONCE – send CODE [CODE …] once
  • SEND_START – start repeating CODE
  • SEND_STOP – stop repeating CODE

Basically in order to communicate with the LIRCD daemon that runs on Irdroid WIFI you need to establish a TCP/IP socket connection to host:

  • host:
  • port: 8765

After the connection is established you may start sending the above mentioned commands for querying the server and or for Start /Stop sending remote codes.

Below is an example in JAVA called LIRC Client which will save you a lot of time and you can simply add it in you Android APP and start communicating with Irdroid WIFI straight forward.

lircclient – JAVA Lirc client library for communicating with Irdroid wifi / LIRC