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Our Story


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Irdroid started as a Hobby Project, founded by Georgi Bakalski back in 2011. Today the Hobby project transformed into a Innovative and Successful Company (Hardware Group Ltd.). We believe in the open source initiative and we started the project as a open source hardware and open source software. During the years we have developed, devices and software for GNU Linux, MS Windows, Mac OS X, Arduino and more. We believe that learning by sharing is a key for the progress. Today Irdroid is a registered trademark of Hardware Group Ltd Bulgaria and it provides open source hardware and open source software devices and software development services for Google Android, GNU Linux , Windows and Mac OS X . Our Devices and services help hundreds of individuals and StartUp Companies around the world to bootstrap their new products and ideas.

We would like to thank all our Customers during the years, they are the one’s that kept the project up and provided precious feedback for improving it.

Thank you!