Irdroid-Rpi infrared Transceiver

The Irdroid-Rpi is a Infrared Transceiver Add-on board for Raspberry Pi. The board provides Infrared Transmitter , Infrared Receiver and UEXT interconnect for Olimex sensors and boards designed with the UEXT connector. The board can be stacked on top of the Rpi board and you could turn your Raspberry Pi into a fully functional Infrared remote control for you home infrared controlled consumer electronics. The Irdroid-Rpi is compatible with the LIRC/ Lirc GPIO driver for raspberry Pi and the LIRC utilities for recording and transmitting infrared signals can be used. The Irdroid-Rpi uses a optical IR amplification technique that allows to transmit high power IR signal by signal amplification after the IR light is emitted.

The Irdroid-Rpi is open source hardware, we provide all the design and production files free of charge. The board also comes with a documentation / manual in english. If you prefer you can also purchase the board on eBay, just search for Irdroid-Rpi in eBay.

  • High power transmitter with wide IR angle
  • A Standard 40 pin connector for Rpi
  • Supported by Lirc for Rpi
  • Open source software & hardware

Technical Specifications:

  • Interface – Transmit / Receive over GPIO
  • Operating Range – 10+ meters
  • Operating Frequency – 38kHz
  • IR Interface – Transmitter 940nm @ 38kHz


Irdroid-Rpi Infrared Transceiver, assembled and tested

In Stock / Price : $26  $19.90

There are cool enclosures , compatible and specially crafted for the Irdroid-Rpi. You can purchase from


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