USB Infrared Transmitter

The Irdroid USB Infrared transmitter provides infrared interface for your PC and your Android Device. It allows you to control and automate all

USB Infrared Transmitter

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your home infrared appliances via PC and Android. The USB Infrared transmitter is compatible with Linux, Windows and *Android. The unit features IR transmitter that emmits infrared signals with wavelenght of 940nm @38khz , which is the Standard IR frequency for most of the IR controlled home appliances on the market. The unit has 3 powerful infrared LEDS which triples the operating range and enlarges the IR LED viewing angle to about 180 degrees. The USB Infrared transmitter’s powerful infrared LEDs, provide a operating range of more than 10 meters line of sight, which makes it useful for automating large rooms , halls etc.

The unit is open source and open hardware licensed under GNU GPL 2.0 and it comes with source code, schematics and production files. The USB Infrared transmitter is compatible with Winlirc , via the IRToy driver for WinLirc, and in Linux you can use it via the IRman LIRC driver. The unit is based on the PIC 18f2550 microcontroller, working at 20MHz.

The Default IRman Driver for Lirc does not allow transmit by default, below is a modified downloadable version, which works with LIRC. If you use the USB Infrared Transmitter in Windows, then you need to download the .inf driver below . The Driver will allow you to use the USB  Transmitter with WinLirc.

Technical Specifications:

  • Interface – USB (CDC ACM Device)
  • Operating Range – 10+ meters
  • Operating Frequency – 38kHz
  • IR Interface – Transmitter 940nm @ 38kHz
  •  ISP Serial Programming Interface (for firmware update)
  • Possibility to add IR Receiver IC
  • Weight – 40gr.

Example Usage:

USB Infrared Transmitter

In Stock / Price : $42 $29.90


  • Home Automation via Infrared
  • Automating IR controlled appliances in large halls and in public places
  • Automating IR controlled appliances – stacked LCD flat screens
  • Automating multiple IR controll appliances – multiple LCD Screens in parallel


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