Controlling air conditioner with Irdroid

Controlling Amcor sf10000e with Irdroid

Controlling Amcor sf10000e with Irdroid

Many people has asked me weather it is possible to control Air Conditioners via
Irdroid / LIRC . The Answer is yes, it is and there are people out there who are
already controlling AC’s with Irdroid. Our Friend Ben Mitchell controls his
mobile air conditioner Amcor sf10000e with the Irdroid WIFI to infrared adapter and the Amote app for Android.

The Current Irdroid / Lirc Database contains many , but not all the remotes on
the market so Ben, has used the USB Infrared Transceiver to record the sf10000e
remote control keys, then he has uploaded the created file to his Irdroid wifi
unit. Now he is able to control not only his TV’s and STB’s but also his Air Con
ditioner unit. He was so kind to provide us with the scanned remote codes , now
the codes for this AC unit is included in Irdroid database. We will also send the file to
the admins of the LIRC/Winlirc projects so that other people can also benefit.


Here is what Ben says about Irdroid / Irdroid Wifi to infrared adapter:

Great stuff, thanks hopefully it will help someone else out. Will let u know how I get on with wireless configuration

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