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Irdroid Macro Remote

Irdroid Macro Remote

Irdroid Macro Remote

The Irdroid Macro Remote is a infrared remote control client (LIRC Client) for Android, that will allow you to create infrared macro sequences or group infrared commands.The application is perfect for automating infrared remote control task such as turning on the lights via infrared, executing a sequence of IR commands in a click of a button. With this app you can automate your TV, STB, DVB Audio and many other infrared controlled equipment. The application requires a fully setup and operational LIRC daemon (for Linux) or Winlirc (for Windows). The application is specially designed to work with the Irdroid WIFI infrared remote control modules. If you want to access the full benefits that the app provide, you may consider purchasing a Irdroid WIFI module from

App features:

– Create Infrared Remote control macro sequences
– Standard support for LIRC and Winlirc
– A database with more than 2000 supported remote (needs a configured LIRC daemon)
– Add macro shortcuts to home screen for ease of access
– Infrared Automation via infrared macro sequences
– Execute a macro directly from the list of macros by tapping on the macro
– Execute a macro via tapping on its home screen shortcut

Sample usage:

– Adjust the picture settings automatically on your TV via infrared macro sequence
– Set the sleep timeout of your TV
– Turn on all your TV’s and set the STB to your favourite channel
– Turn on your STB, switch to your favourite channel and select equalizer preset
– Turn on/off LED IR controlled lighting adjust colors etc.

Application usage:

The application allows you to setup custom Infrared remote control sequences/macros, from the app main screen tap on Add in order to add new Macro. Enter the name of your new macro and tap on SAVE. In order to add command sequences to your new macro long click on the newly created macro and select “Edit Macro” a new screen will pop up and you can use the Add button to add custom commands to your newly created macro. To execute a macro just tap on the macro name. After you create your new macro you may create a custom shortcut to the macro by long tapping on the macro name from the list of macros. Tap on Shortcut and a new shortcut to your macro will be added to the home screen. Executing a macro from a shortcut is a matter of just tapping on the shortcut.

The application is open source, licensed under GNU GPL v2.0 . You are free to distribute, modify and use for commercial purposes. You can read more about this application by visiting .

Before rating this app please make sure that you have a fully operational LIRC server running, the app will not work (will not show a list of remotes if there is no server to connect to)


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