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Irdroid-Rpi Infrared Transceiver for Raspberry Pi

We have received a number of requests for making Infrared Transmitter / Receiver modules compatible with Raspberry Pi.  Our USB Infrared Transceiver module is compatible with Rpi , however we have decided to actually make a add-on Infrared Transceiver board / HAT for Rpi. The board is designed with Infrared Transmitter , Infrared Receiver and Olimex UEXT interconnect sections.

Irdroid-Rpi Infrared Transceiver Features:

  • Infrared Transceiver add-on / HAT for Raspberry Pi
  • Infrared Transmitter @940nm with 10+ meters range
  • Infrared Receiver up to 40khz and 10+ meters of receive range
  • On-board UEXT Interconnect for connecting Olimex sensors and boards.
  • Open Source Hardware.

We have completed the design of the board. We expect to have it in stock in mid April 2016.

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